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The next revolution is in your hands!
We are all enlisting to strengthen the Torah and social...

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Bnei Akiva.

A name that for many people causes a rush of good memories. Memories of education,...

₪126,888 Has been donated by 590 donors

Desert Stars – New Leadership for the Negev!

Desert Stars is inviting you to join our mission...

₪37,025 Has been donated by 41 donors

In honor of the 70th birthday of the state of Israel, Orot Etzion boys school in Efrat in Gush...

Has been donated ₪29,860 of ₪150,000

The "Kanfey Ru'ach" (Wings of Wind) project leads extracurricular activities, allows for...

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Globally, civil public discourse today is at an all-time low. Communities are mobilized around...

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