Place Israeli charities in the Book of Life

These High Holidays, allows you to make tax deductible donations directly to hundreds of Israeli charities that are gearing up for a year of service.

Pidyon Kaparot

Teshuva Tefillah and Tzedaka Eliminate the Harsh Decree
During these special days-days of...

Has been donated $4,015 of $28,212

As the New Year is upon us we want to distribute gift certificates for food to needy families in...

Has been donated $1,693 of $1,421

During these special days-days of personal and national reflection, during which we all seek to...

Has been donated $1,444 of $15,234

With your donation, you are helping students from minority families to grow in Torah learning....

$907 Has been donated by 5 donors

When you donate to Echad L'Echad, you donate to everyone

$685 Has been donated by 13 donors

Donate now your Pidyon Kaparot to Mekimi and help us to save more families from debts and poverty

$569 Has been donated by 16 donors