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The ‘ALMA’ Project
Another milestone in Galila’s efforts in promoting and developing the...

₪37,825 Has been donated by 14 donors

Have you also had enough of false reports and negative coverage of Israel in the world...

Has been donated ₪6,821 of ₪120,000

Demolition orders alongside the regulation of the settlement of the Tal Binyamin farm and the...

Has been donated ₪5,956 of ₪220,000

We, at World Bnei Akiva are so proud of these amazing Olim and we want to do whatever we can to...

Has been donated ₪7,610 of ₪100,000

The act of Zionist settlement and the flourishing of the land continued with full force.

₪1,567 Has been donated by 11 donors

Together with love we support the Western Galilee. Together we are the founders of the growing...

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