American and Canadian Donors: Donate through Jgive and receive a tax deductible receipt!

When you reach the payment page, you will have the option to decide in which country you'd like your receipt to be recognized as tax deductible. Donors who choose "United States" will receive their receipt from "Friends of Asor Fund USA", a 501c3 approved partner of Jgive. 
Donors who choose to receive a Canadian receipt will be issued a receipt from the "Ne'eman Foundation". 

Israeli Donors: Exclusively on Jgive – File for an Israeli Tax Refund online!

Jgive is happy to announce that for the first time in Israel, donors can easily apply for tax refunds online.
Using our simple to use platform, donors can now apply online to receive a tax refund for all donations made through Jgive and have the refund applied directly to your Israeli paycheck!
Donate and receive a refund worth up to 35% of your donation!*
Jgive’s advanced platform was developed to make it easier not only to donate to your favorite Israeli charities, but also to submit and receive a tax refund from the Israeli Tax Authority. On Jgive, you can choose from hundreds of Israeli charities, each of which has been recognized as a tax deductible nonprofit by the Israeli Tax Authority.
Until now, filing for a tax refund meant finding old receipts, filling out different forms and going to physically hand them in at the Tax Authority.
With Jgive’s digital system, you can submit all of your receipts online, and at once- and if you’re an employee- the money is already on its way!
How it works:
  1. Fill in your personal details and upload your most recent pay stub.
  2. Click “send”
  3. That’s it! After the Tax Authority reviews your application for a refund you will receive an email with your refund total which should be given to your employer.
Whether you’re an employee, freelancer, or you represent a company, we’ve made our system easy to use so you can receive your refund!
Don’t miss your opportunity to donate and receive!
* Please note that in order to file for a tax refund, you must have donated at least 181 NIS to the same charity during the course of the year. Of course, the tax refunds are only available if you are obligated to pay income tax.
More details can be found on the Q & A page.
For full details, please see the  Israeli Tax Authority’s website.